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Petro Taban Importer of Human and Livestock Feed

Petro Taban Importer of Human and Livestock Feed

Petro Taban Holding established professionally in order to lead the supply and distribution of livestock, poultry feed inputs and grain is working in the Holding as one of the most prestigious active commercial units in the field of supply and distribution of livestock and poultry feed and grain in this Company.

This company has succeeded to use its specialized facilities and capacities in order to fulfill foreign orders and subsequently to raise its name among the companies performing in the livestock input industry and to stabilize its commercial position in the domestic and international spheres.

This company is ready to provide various commercial services in this industry during its lifetime and in the face of various ups and downs by gaining a lot of experience and skills, by using specialized and experienced personnel.

The company with extensive and uninterrupted activity in the field of foreign trade, during this period has succeeded to fully understand the global markets and reputable suppliers in this field, to import a variety of fodder and livestock inputs on a large scale. Also the company distributes these products widely in the domestic market.

This company is capable of supplying and distributing and delivering them in Iran or the southern ports.


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